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True Hustler Worldwide is a unique luxury lifestyle brand. Since its inception in 2018, True Hustler Worldwide has epitomized unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, setting itself apart as a beacon of luxury lifestyle crafted by and for hustlers. Our mission? To redefine the very essence of hustling and serve as a universal symbol of excellence across all spheres of life. At True Hustler Worldwide, we're on a mission to unite people from all walks of life by highlighting our shared dreams, fears, and aspirations. Whether you're a titan of industry who credits hustling for your success or an individual striving to overcome adversity, we believe everyone has a story worth sharing. Our vision is to foster inclusive communities that inspire growth and resilience. Our motto, "Busy Bag Chasin," encapsulates the essence of the True Hustler spirit. For us, chasing the bag represents an ongoing journey of self-improvement—mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. We've redefined the term "bag" as an acronym for Big A** Goals, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to ambition and achievement. Through our music, content, art, and clothing, True Hustler Worldwide endeavors to challenge the negative connotations associated with hustling. We aim to empower individuals to embrace the hustle as not just a means to an end, but as a way of life. True Hustler Worldwide isn't merely a brand—it's a lifestyle. Join us as we embark on a journey of empowerment, inspiration, and relentless pursuit of greatness.

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Ondre "Drizz" Gipson, a trailblazing serial entrepreneur and proud HBCU graduate of Delaware State University, is currently advancing his education as an MBA candidate at Goldey Beacom College. As the visionary CEO of True Hustler Worldwide, LLC, he not only leads but also shapes the future through the True Hustler University youth entrepreneurship program.

“The goal is to serve as a stamp of approval in all walks of life. Once someone sees those 2 letters (TH) on your cuff links, lab coat, blazer, T shirt, sweat suit, coffee mug, etc. they know; you mean business.”
- Drizz

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