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Drizz, artist and CEO of TRUE HU$TLER ENTERTAINMENT, LLC has been making music seriously since 2014, but has been rhyming all of his life. He says his first song ever recorded was a cover over the smash hit by Drake "Best I Ever Had." He started making music with friends in his cousin's closet and soon found himself recording in the best studios the state of Delaware had to offer. Drizz got into entertainment from promoting parties in college and realized he had a gift, and soon began to throw his own. Drizz is most known for his parties he threw at Bubbas night club which is now called Allure night club between 2015-2018. his parties were a MAJOR success and he continued to throw them even post graduation. TRUE HU$TLER ENTERTAINMENT, LLC was formed soon after just from and idea he had in his mind about wanting to brand himself a way everyone could relate to. He began heat pressing shirts himself and selling them all around Delaware. He believes in putting in the work necessary for his dreams to come to life, and to this day he is still pushing.


Money Murders Loyalty


1. MML (Intro) prod. CamGotHits

2. Brick prod. Chef Tate

3. Fuck Em' prod. Veor Leior

4. Paid In Full prod. DougieOnTheBeat

5. Heat (interlude) prod. DC productions

6. Trap Phone prod. XaviorJordan

7. Diddy prod. Ebb Friday

8. Schemin prod. DougieOnTheBeat

9. OTBM prod. DC productions

10. Transition prod.

11. Bonus: Girl Dem Sugar

12. Bonus: OOOUUU

90s Baby


1. Stop Being Greedy

2. Girl Dem Sugar

3. LaLaLa ft Rihzy

4. It's So Hard Freestyle

5. Get At Me Dawg

6. 187 ft GADO



1. Drizz - Paradise Prod. Chef Tate

2. Drizz - Fix Ya Heart ft. Farees Kaleemah Prod. Chef Tate

3. Drizz - Who Fuckin Wit Me Prod. Chef Tate

4. Drizz ft. Young Bop - One Of My Bitches

5. Drizz - Robbery Prod. Cory Orlando

6. Drizz - Swing My Way ft. Gado, Farees Kaleemah Prod. FinesseBeatz

7. Drizz - True Religion Prod. Chef Tate

8. Drizz - What You Need ft. Farees Kaleemah Prod. Chef Tate

9. Drizz - Predator ft. Gado  Prod. Chef Tate

10. Drizz - Who I Am ft. Farees Kaleemah  Prod. Chef Tate

11. Drizz - Bonus: Dear Chase Prod. DougieOnTheBeat

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