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Farees Kaleemah


Farees The Mikkanik, A.K.A his stage name Farees Kaleemah was born in 1992 and grew up in the small town of Smyrna, DE. Unfortunately he lived the typical single mom, no father type of ordeal. Since a child he always was the one to start the party in the room, whether it was beating on a desk or belting out a song while the teacher wasn't around. He didn't realize he could sing until females started asking him to sing to them. And just like a typical 16 year old, he started using it to his advantage. After graduating Smyrna High school, he attended Delaware State University where for the 1st time he entered a studio. Music, literally is the one thing other than God, that saved him. He spent 4 years mastering his craft, from From Singing to Engineering. Learning how to Mix & Master vocals, produce, and arrange music in a way that listeners can be given a great song, not just a great hook. His motto is "Through God". "For every accomplishment comes through becoming the God you are, beating obstacles and overcoming triumphs. Never giving up and putting all faith in The Creator."



Hosted by DJ Bran

1. I Know
2. Bobby Boucher ft Gado
3. No Days off
4. Count Money
5. Act a fool ft Dotty Starz
6. No Time
7. For a minute
8. Maybach
9. Priorities

Hosted By DJ Bran

1. Farees Kaleemah - Get Adored
2. Farees Kaleemah - Know Your Worth
3. Farees Kaleemah Ft. Young Bop - For A Purpose
4. Farees Kaleemah - Skit
5. Farees Kaleemah Ft. Swiff - X Rated
6. Farees Kaleemah Ft. Kir - His Chick
7. Farees Kaleemah Ft. Shizz Nitty - Wanna Party
8. Farees Kaleemah - One Night Stand
9. Farees Kaleemah Ft. Maybach - Lookin' At Me
10. Farees Kaleemah - Real Feelings
11. Farees Kaleemah - K Michelle
12. Farees Kaleemah Ft. Drizz - Find Me A Freak
13. Farees Kaleemah Ft. Tykena - All Night
14. Farees Kaleemah - Ocean
15. Farees Kaleemah - Skit
16.Farees Kaleemah - Sorry Not Sorry Freestyle

"Keramat" Rhoma Irama Cover by Farees Kaleemah
Baby Baby - Jihan Audy -Farees Kaleemah (official Video)
“Dangdut Challenge” Kehilangan cover Waterboy / Farees K
Dangdut in America Part One with Farees Kaleemah
Amerikuy! - Artis Dangdut Amerika: Susahnya Cengkok, Ngefans Rhoma Irama
DANGDUT IN AMERICA TVRI 2019 - Farees Kaleemah
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