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King Ca$hFlow


Since a mere high school freshman, he’s been known simply as Ca$hFlow. However it was his mindset, not the contents of his wallet, from years of just being. that would inspire the moniker. Born in the legendary borough of Brooklyn, Ny nothing ever came easy for Ca$hFlow. He has had to scrap and hustle for everything he’s gotten, and is never satisfied. A first generation African American with Venezuelan and Trinidadian family, it would seem working was hardwired into his DNA. All that effort would eventually lead him straight into the halls of Del State University where he has thrived. What makes this Artist truly special however is his extraordinary rapping ability. After moving to Delaware, he has been one of the driving forces behind putting the under the radar hip hop scene on the map. Ca$hFlow brings a raw and supremely lyrical style to the table, relentlessly dropping earth shattering punch lines with the ease of a grizzled veteran. No doubt his lyricism was refined by hours of listening to his idols Jay-Z, Big Pun, Kanye West, and Notorious B.I.G, all of whom are known for their masterful metaphors and wordplay. Ca$hFlow also has a profound dislike for “bubblegum” rap, which pushes him harder to perfect his craft and give audiences a taste of the skill based hip hop that’s been missing in the game at large over the last few years. It’s this penchant for lyricism that would lead Ca$hFlow into the competitive battle rapping scene, where he has gone undefeated. Not even the MC’s at the B.E.T. Black College Tour battle this year had anything for Ca$hFlow as he cruised to victory. Unfortunately, family struggles would derail his musical ambitions, but not for long. Ca$hFlow is back on his grind, using that signature work ethic to make a name for himself.

In Ca$h We Tru$t

1. Veni Vidi Vici

2. Pay Up

3. Talk Of Da Town

4. Magical (For The Ladies)

5. Diamond Heist 

6. T.R.A.P Gawdzilla

7. Illumithoti

8. Rise To Power

9. Nothings For Free-style

10. Playboy 2.0

11. Must Be (The Mojo)

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 9.08.04 AM.png

The Withdrawl Of Ca$hflow

1. The Bank Heist
2. The Withdrawal (Full Intro)
3. Superman Bass
4. Living Legend
5. Solo Dolo Ft. Beed
6. Time I$ Money Ft. PC Beats 
7. Lucky To Have You Ft. PC Beats
8. Rappers Revenge
9. Red Cup Cannon
10. Gettin Mine
11. Pullover (She Need A Ticket)
12. I Really Mean It
13. Shuttin Shit Down Ft. PC Beats
14. Lord Knows
15. Motivated Ft. T-Pain
16. USC (United Spartan Conglomerate) 
17. Speaking Tongues (Outro)

King Ca$hFlow - Must Be (The Mojo) [Official Music Video]
Ca$hFlow - Nothing's For FREEstyle
King Ca$hflow - Testify (Official Music Video)
Ca$hFlow DSU Homecoming Performance Clip Tears Up Stage 10-29-2011
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